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Coffee has always been a part of the Hayden Granary.  From 1917 on, folks in the Yampa Valley have gathered within the scalehouse to talk everything from wheat prices to Town issues.  Doug Meacham’s coffee circle at Yampa Valley Feeds (opened in 1992)  was such a part of the store that a customer made him a door sign for “Yampa Valley Coffee Pot”.  Patrick and Tammie Delaney purchased the Granary and Yampa Valley Feeds from Doug on December 31, 2008.  After four years of challenges in the feed business, upon closing, a customer bemoaned the fact that it was the only place they’d met anyone in town.  When asked if the customer would instead be up for coming in for a cup of coffee or tea they were delighted… instead of meeting someone once a month over a bag of dog food, they could be in every day!  And so the chase began…

Celtic Christians had an interesting term for the Holy Spirit. They called it “Ah Geadh-Glas”, or the “wild goose”. Wild Goose Coffee at the Granary is a coffee house that continues the tradition of the Granary as a connecting point in Hayden, sharing good friends and great ideas and continues the ‘Wild Goose Chase’ for the Granary to become a hub for local food, art, heritage and community.

wild goose

The Granary is a place where people are reconnected back to the land and each other. We believe most inspirations start over a great cup of tea or coffee, and hope you agree!

Wild Goose Coffee at the Hayden Granary
198 East Lincoln Ave.
Hayden, CO 81639

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