Congratulations Hayden Class of 2014!


Hayden graduationLiam, Ian, Heather & Adam in kindergarten – May 2001

Yesterday was my son’s last day of High School here in Hayden.  As with many parents, it has me pondering the inspirations, influences and experiences that have shaped him into who he is today.  It is with profound gratitude that I attribute much of who Liam is to the community in which he’s been raised and the surroundings of our historic ranch and granary.  From his deep involvement with 4-H, raising pigs, sheep and steers along with riding his trusty steed Max; to helping clean, rehabilitate and put on events at the Granary; to fencing, digging, and building at the ranch to being a key ‘hands on helper’ at the RedneXs Games to even joining Uncle Aran in Japan and teaching Japanese kindergartners what ‘cowboy life’ in Hayden is all about.  Our community has influenced our family tremendously in being innovative, hard-working and resilient.  It seems just yesterday that we were at the Hayden elementary school ‘field day’. Today I am so grateful for the vast experiences, skills and perspectives Liam will bring to the future.  Time flies.  Congratulations Liam and all the Class of 2014 graduates out there (including our Diamond O ‘ranch-mates’ who also graduated this month – Miss Abby Lott (Hayden Pre-school) and Jr Lott (CMC Sustainability program).

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