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We visualize the Granary as a hub for our community that harnesses the variety of efforts emerging around local food and connecting people back to the land and to each other. We intend to bring back the sacredness of food, knowing where it comes from and how it was processed, through serving great food and coffee with plenty of love and care.

In a world of instant gratification and technology that communicates information instantaneously, most households have no connection to the once-common knowledge of how to raise, produce, process, and store food. We strongly believe local food systems are vital to future generations and to the health of our communities, our nation and the earth itself.  Bringing together the various components of a food system – production, processing, distribution and consumption – at a local level nourishes healthy communities, contributing to local economies, public health, and community resilience. We believe that we must reconnect to our food. Our society has become increasingly detached from this core necessity of life – how will we survive without food, and the knowledge of what it is and where it comes from?

In the early 1900’s our food was raised and processed at a smaller community scale that enabled this intimacy and sacred connection to life-sustaining crops, livestock and produce.  The Hayden Granary, built in 1917, was designed to process the grains of the Yampa Valley and the Kimsey-Bolten Ranch, built in 1919, and produced food at a scale that enabled diverse agriculture to take place including livestock, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Our vision is to enable these historic sites to encourage and nurture community through a vibrant and diverse local food systemincluding production, processing, distribution and consumption.

The community of Hayden, the Bolten-Kimsey Ranch, and the Granary are beautifully positioned to facilitate bringing food wisdom from the past and instill it in the future.

We have initially begun connecting local food into our coffee shop, utilizing fresh local milk and ricotta from Moon Hill Dairy along with greens from our own baker and local gardener Ashley McAuliffe and from our own Diamond O.  We intend to continue to add local sources as we can, and look forward to serving fresh breads and baked goods made from heritage grains grown in the valley.

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