coffeeAll prices 12oz/16oz/20oz., unless otherwise noted.


Drip Coffee, $.93/$1.39/$1.85
Wired Goose, $2.50/$2.95/$3.40
coffee with a shot of espresso
Iced Coffee, $1.95/$2.25/$2.55



Americano, $1.95/$2.25/$2.55
Espresso (single/double), $1.75/$2.25
Caffé Latte, $3.35/$3.95/$4.55
espresso w/ steamed milk
Cappuccino, $3.35/$3.95/$4.55
espresso w/ foamed steamed milk
Caramel Monin, $3.85/$4.50/$5.25
steamer w/ caramel, espresso whip cream& caramel
Mocha Latte, $3.85/$4.50/$5.25
espresso w/ steamed milk & chocolate
Nutty Goose, $4.35/$4.95/$5.55
espresso, almond milk, nuts, whip & sauce
Breve, $4.35/$4.95/$5.55
espresso w/ steamed half and half



Celestial Seasonings Tea (one size), $1.85
Bagged Tea (one size), $.85
Bhakti Chai, $3.50/$4.25/$5.00
The Dirty Goose, $4.00/$4.75/$5.50
Bhakti chai with a shot of espresso
White Goose, $2.75/$3.75/$4.50
steamed milk and flavor
Mother Goose, $2.75/$3.75/$4.50
hot chocolate, with whipped cream!



Real Fruit Smoothie, $5.50
fruit, milk, and ice
Chai Smoothie, $5.50
Big Train, $5.50
blended latte w/ flavor and whipped cream

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