About Wild Goose Coffee

Celtic Christians had an interesting term for the Holy Spirit. They called it “Ah Geadh-Glas”, or the “wild goose”. Wild Goose Coffee at the Granary is a coffee house that continues the tradition of the Granary as a connecting point in Hayden, sharing good friends and great ideas and continues the ‘Wild Goose Chase’ for the Granary to become a hub for local food, art, heritage and community.

wild goose

The Granary is a place where people are reconnected back to the land and each other. We believe most inspirations start over a great cup of tea or coffee, and hope you agree!

*TEMPORARY HOURS*  Tuesday – Saturday 7am-11am

Wild Goose Coffee at the Hayden Granary
198 East Lincoln Ave.
Hayden, CO 81639

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